Blogger Templates Cheat Sheet #1

This is the first time ever I make a visual cheat sheet, It was a little difficult for me, but I think it came out kind of good. I tried to put as much as details as I could. As Blogger templates have a lot of terms to go trough, I decided to make “Chapters” of it, and release them one by one, so you guys don’t have to wait a lot for the full one.

What you’ll get




This is a visual cheat sheet for Blogger templates XML, I will explain each important term that you need to have in mind in order to be a template designer. In this first “issue” I will go trough the Wrappers, means the structural parts of the template, the divs that keep your template together.

How to download

I have made two versions, which are a High Quality PDF and a Medium Quality JPEG file, you can choose any of it.

Step 1 (Very Important)

The first step is very easy and painless… You only need to subscribe to our feed, and follow us on twitter… Once you have done that, you are allowed to do the next step :)

Note: If you proceed to Step 2 without going trough Step 1, SHE will grab your feet in the middle of the night!!

Step 2

  • High Quality PDF (3.54 MB) – Download
  • Medium Quality JPEG (866 KB) – Download
  • Or just View Online

Final Words

I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope that helps you in the path of becoming a professional Blogger designer. Remember that this is only the first edition of my Blogger Templates Cheat Sheet, so make sure you subscribe in order to get the following ones. Aldo don’t forget to follow us on twitter.